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Resident Evil RE Verse or Street Fighter 6? News @VGR


Several tracks are preferred for the announcement to come, next Monday, at the end of the mysterious countdown launched by Capcom on its site.

Taking up one of the tracks given from the launch of Capcom’s countdown (among many proposals, including that of the announcement of Resident Evil RE: Verse or a remake of Resident Evil 4), journalist Jeff Grubb is rather sure of himself by teasing the appearance of a Street Fighter VI.

His prediction was revealed in the last episode of Grubbsnax on Giantbomb but is no more documented than the information we had so far. We know that SF5 is still very popular at Capcom, especially since the esports scene plays a big role in that.. New DLC had been announced for next March, and was to conclude the Capcom Pro Tour.

Sadly, the Capcom Cup has been canceled again due to covid and replaced by a Season Finale which will end at the same time as the end of the countdownwhich gives insiders a good chance to see this as a sign for the newest installment in the VS Fighting series.

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More than a few hours of waiting unsustainable.

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