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Resident Evil Village multiplayer is coming to Europe…one year later


Resident Evil RE:Verse is obviously not dead and should arrive shortly if we are to believe the latest news… Ah, but no wait!

Originally planned to follow in the footsteps of Resident Evil Village, the Resident Evil RE:Verse multiplayer mode was eventually pushed back to 2022 without any release window. Without news since, one would have thought that the project was taking on water, but obviously, it would be ready to land by the summer… of last year.

RE: Verse is coming soon in 2021…

RE: Verse has indeed just obtained its PEGI certification and to be registered by the European body with a release date set for July 5, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Stadia). The PS5 and Xbox Series versions are also not mentioned.

The software is therefore alive and well, but visibly very late. The recent recording, however, casts doubt on an upcoming release, perhaps even for this summer, sometimes the date displayed is in fact only a typo. Who knows.

Anyway, if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the software will include its own set of microtransactions. If the description of the PEGI organization remains nebulous, obviously, we must expect cosmetics but also boosters, certainly linked to any leveling mechanism.

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As a reminder, Resident Evil RE:Verse is a multiplayer software where you can embody the most emblematic figures of the license Resident Evil like Wesker, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine or even Leon S.Kennedy. Moreover, it will also be possible to call upon the biggest monstrosities of the saga like the famous Nemesis or Jack, the crazy patriarch of Resident Evil 7.

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