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Respawn explains why Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be new-gen


In an interview on the Star Wars site, the producer of the future Star Wars Jedi Survivor explained why the choice of a release on the PS5 and Xbox Series generation only.

It’s been official for a few days, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will have a sequel, named Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, with the return of Cal Kestis and his droid. The announcement was made by Respawn Entertainment, which unveiled a date, 2023, and media: the PS5, the Xbox Series and the PC. What about old consoles? The developer, through the voice of its director Stig Asmussen, clarifies its vision on the official Star Wars website.

I think the biggest thing (that the new generation allows, editor’s note) is ray tracing, or lighting. It allows us to do real-time lighting, all the time, with a fidelity that far exceeds anything we’ve produced before. As it’s real time, we can see the changes as we adjust the lights – immediately, essentially. This means we have more time to tweak, we can iterate more, and we can achieve better results that feel more cinematic.

In addition, the consoles are equipped with super-fast hard drives that allow us to load tons of content very quickly. I’ve always worked on streaming games, games that don’t have a loading screen. The fact that these consoles have such fast storage made things even easier. These are probably the two biggest benefits.

In addition, the studio wants to take advantage of a PS5 feature for his new game and is studying the possibility of integrating it into the features:

The PlayStation 5 has a very interesting haptic system on its controller, which we are studyingand the process is just easier in general.

Like all big releases of the moment on new consoles, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will take full advantage of the new features of the current generation consoles. With a counterpart: the PS4 generation will not be targeted…

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Source: www.starwars.com

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