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Respawn (Titanfall) develops a new single-player FPS in the Apex universe


Respawn, the studio behind Titanfall and Jedi: Fallen Order, is reportedly working on a new single-player FPS set in the world of Apex Legends.

This is in any case what the site tells us Dexerto who spotted job openings at Respawn for a “FPS in the Apex Legends universe”. And it doesn’t stop there, as it would be a single player adventure game. Information that would coincide with another similar project which we learned about last year through, again, job postings:

The author of the tweet, Mohammad Alavi, was then the creative director of the software before he resigned. However, the development has not been stopped and seems to be still on track. A report from GamesBeat also stated that, despite the rumors, this is not the sequel to TitanFall. Hard blow to fans.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the two projects are related. Respawn may very well have several separate single-player games in the works And that’s where things get interesting.

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A new Titanfall on the horizon?

Let’s get crazy, let’s imagine that this new FPS is actually the next Titanfall (if not the second project we mentioned before). In truth, it’s not so insane when you know that Apex Legends should have been the third opus of the license .

However, Titanfall 3 was originally intended to be a Battle Royale and not a single player game, but the track is still not to be ruled out, especially since the two licenses are placed in the same universe. The development could have simply risen from the ashes to take a new direction.

So are we dealing with two new games in the Apex Legends and Titanfall universe? The mystery remains and we hope to get an answer soon from Respawn.

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