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Return to Monkey Island reveals its release date at Gamescom 2022


Return to Monkey Island came back to us at Gamescom to announce its long awaited release date.

The great return of the Monkey Island license was anticipated by many fans and for them, the opening night of Gamescom was a relief, since the release date of the new opus was revealed.

Captain, release date in sight!

Let’s end the suspense, the new adventures of Guybrush Threepwood will set anchor on PC and Nintendo Switch on September 19. The announcement was accompanied by the opening of pre-orders. If you go through with it, a Horse Armor described as “perfectly useless” will be added to your inventory. How can you resist?

For those in the background, this Point & Click adventure is signed by the original creators of the series started in 1990Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. However, the regulars will be able to discover a colorful artistic direction fundamentally different from that of the first opuses. Rest assured, humor will always play a major role during your adventures, just like the many puzzles you will encounter on your way.

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