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Return to Monkey Island shares a small gameplay clip


Return to Monkey Island is back in the news with a short gameplay clip.

Since the harassment cases, Return to Monkey Island is rather discreet and continues its development quietly, in the shade of the heat and haters. Nevertheless, the developers have offered us a little treat to wait.

Change of artistic direction, but same atmosphere

Return to Monkey Island may have been developed by the same team as the original opuses, the artistic direction changes completely. Much more colorful and refined, it greatly accentuates the humorous and fantastic aspect and can already boast of tickling the retina. The puzzles will of course be back and there will even be an easy mode to solve them more quickly.

For the rest, we will have to wait until we can have the game in our hands. Lack of luck, Return to Monkey Island still has no release date for the moment.

A strange man was seen walking with a determined step on the Melee pier, ignoring the pelicans and the bar as if he had something to do, a diabolical puzzle to solve…

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