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Return to Monkey Island will have an easy mode


For its big comeback, the Monkey Island license is up to current standards and will have its own easy mode for those who don’t want to rack their brains.

Great point’n’click from the 90s, Monkey Island will return in 2022 with Return to Monkey Islanda new opus that will have the right to its twisted puzzles, but also to a mode to make the task easier.

Stop spoiling yourself on the internet

If at the time the players had no other choice but to rack their brains to solve puzzles, today, all you have to do is return the screen or brandish your laptop to find the solution on the net in two time three movements. A problem of which we are well aware developers who want above all to provide an optimal experience for everyone, and which does not require going to find the solutions on the Internet. For them, it goes through an easy mode and the integration of help to find the clues.

These days, if players don’t have a hint system built in, they’ll just go to the web and… read a guide.

A lot of things we did back then that we didn’t think about made a lot of the puzzles very complex.

Having hint systems built in means that if you make a puzzle completely weird and/or complicated, people will be able to use that hint system.

[Pour ce qui est du mode facile] People for whom this is the first adventure game, who haven’t played it for a long time, or who don’t have the time to invest too much, can play the “casual” mode, which simplifies the puzzles. It’s our main way of getting people to play a point-and-click game if they’ve never done it before.

Return to Monkey Island will therefore be suitable for the greatest number and should also satisfy fans. from the first hour. As a reminder, the game is published by Devolver and developed by a good part of the original team. Moreover, it is expected for this year at an undetermined date.

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