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Returnal Ascension, co-op and new game modes are coming


The excellent Returnal will be entitled to a free update, Ascension, bringing with it several game modes and coop.

Despite a rather flat State of Play, Sony has still reserved a welcome surprise for us, the announcement ofa big update for Returnal, Ascension.

Co-op, a game mode, all for free

Deployed from March 22, the 3.0 Ascension patch will bring a lot of content including a cooperative mode for up to two playersallowing you to go through the entire main adventure as a duo.

In addition, Housemarque’s PS5 exclusive will get a new game mode, the Tower of Sisyphus, aimed at solo players. In this final test, they will have to climb a succession of increasingly difficult floors to challenge yourself and discover new secrets.

icing on the cake, the Ascension update is completely free.

Selene is still locked in an endless cycle. But this time, she is not alone. Returnal: Ascension adds co-op mode which allows you to experience the whole adventure through the changing maze of Atropos with another player. This update also adds Sisyphus’ Tower, which you can access after unlocking the Icarian Grapple. It is a test made up of increasingly dangerous phases, themselves made up of twenty floors. Enter, eliminate all enemies on each floor and continue your ascent. But stay on your guard, who knows what awaits you inside…

We’ll let you drool over the trailer below while patiently waiting for the next March 22.

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