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Returnal: With the new PS Plus, Housemarque wants to reach more gamers


Even though it worked, Housemarque’s roguelite turned a lot of gamers off because of its difficulty. The studio hopes to turn things around with the arrival of the new PlayStation Plus program.

We know it, Returnal will be part of the catalog of accessible games with the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions arriving in June. The opportunity for Housemarque to seduce new players.

Returnal is not that difficult, try it!

At the BAFTA awards ceremony in which Returnal emerged as the big winner, Ilari Kuittinen, head chef of Housemarque, said he was happy to see that his colt was going to join the PlayStation Plus program.

According to him, it will also be an opportunity for players who have not dared to try the adventure, to get started in complete serenity.

As you know, it’s been a while since the release. And we know people who subscribe play a lot. I hope players will dare to try the game. Since there is no additional cost, the game is therefore easier to access.

It is true that many players have left the game aside after having read/seen many feedbacks reporting a downright “insurmountable” difficulty for some. Returnal is indeed a roguelite, a genre whose games are naturally difficult and where learning is an important element, as is improving your character.

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Returnal therefore articulates all of its gameplay and narration around this die & retry aspect. and it was not to everyone’s taste. Moreover, since Housemarque has taken a step forward by making his game a bit more accessible, without distorting the original experience too much.

On our side, we reassure you, There is absolutely nothing insurmountable about Returnal, although it requires some investment. So yes, for once, it would be a shame to miss out on this nugget signed Housemarque if you give in to the sirens of one of the premium subscriptions of the next PlayStation Plus.

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