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Riot Games to pay victims $ 100 million


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To end the harassment and sex discrimination lawsuits launched by a group of former company members, Riot Games agreed to pay $ 100 million and “correct it.”

Yes Activision-Blizzard has been very often in the news this year following numerous cases of sexual harassment, discrimination or salary rights (Bobby Kotick has been called to resign for several weeks), other studios have experienced similar setbacks in 2021. This is particularly the case Ubisoft, which also cleaned up its workforce, or Riot Games, whose boss was accused earlier this year. But an internal investigation had found no irregularity, leaving the complainant visibly without proof in the face of American justice.

Now, just like Activision which launched a compensation fund for the victims, “to redeem a good conscience” will say some, Riot Games announced to pay $ 100 million to victims of gender discrimination. The company will thus legally end the proceedings against it following the complaint of two former employees in 2018. A class action was then formed. The publisher of League of Legends thus pays the 80 million requested by members, around 100 employees in total, as well as an additional 20 million for legal fees.

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This amount has yet to be approved by the court but it is already ten times higher than the first proposed by Riot to end the charges two years ago. The group claims to want, through this action, “Correcting the situation and building a better Riot”. Like Activision, management has also announced that it will change the way it operates to have its equity and inclusiveness program monitored by an independent entity for the next three years.

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