Home News River City Saga: Three Kingdoms announces its coming to Japanese Switch

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms announces its coming to Japanese Switch


River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, previously announced, is revealed more and communicates its Japanese release date on Switch.

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the franchise, Arc System Works will take players on a journey to a very, very distant past. But far from presenting this solemn tenor inherent in all historical epochs, the ancient China represented will be subjected to the law of delinquents back home. Soldiers, tremble! Hostilities will take shape from December 16 on Switch (eShop) and will continue much later, in April 2022, on PS4 and PC (Steam).

If it is currently only planned Japan, it seems that Europe will also be concerned by the release of this tribute title. More information on this subject will be awaited. For now, we will be satisfied with the video broadcast, revealing in particular the presence of a cooperative bonus mode playable up to 4 (named San Goku Ei Yu Roku). The latter, abandoning the adventure aspect, will place the players at the center of intense confrontations spread over 10 levels. A mode which will also have its own specificities: an online ranking, exclusive characters and even filters offering an effect specific to bygone cathode ray screens.

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