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Rumbleverse, Epic Games’ new Brawler Royale, is postponed


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The new Battle Royale, or rather Brawler Royale from Epic Games, needs to get a makeover. The release date and early access are canceled, but you can try it again for a few hours in February.

Very close to Epic’s flagship BR graphically, the future Rumbleverse had been presented at the Game Awards and announced for mid-February. But the publisher will obviously need more time to finalize its Battle Royale, which is closer to a Smash Bros or a Knockout City in its mechanics, hence the name Brawler Royale in free-to- play. On the official website, Epic explains:

We are announcing today that we have decided not to launch Rumbleverse on February 15th.

Seeing Grapital City filled with Rumblers taught us a lot. We love the game we’re making and we’re glad you love it too, but we still have other plans to perfect this experience. Rumbleverse won’t just be a game; it will be a community we want to support for years to come. We will take the time necessary to achieve this feat.

This means that Early Access will not start on February 8. For those who have purchased the early access pack, know that we are organizing with our partner platforms to reimburse you for this purchase. We will give you the opportunity to purchase content for the game again when a new date has been decided.

As explained, users who have taken early access will be able to be reimbursed while waiting for the publication of a new date. A server strength test will take place on February 12 for two hours on PC. Just register on the page to participate, while waiting for another test planned on consoles soon.

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