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Russia: Sims at the heart of an arrest against “Nazi terrorists”


In what is considered by many observers to be a failed Russian staging of a raid on a Nazi group, video games raise questions.

The information has gone around social networks, but not necessarily for the basic reason. In effect, a possible search in a “den of Nazis” by the FSB, the Russian intelligence servicehas been derided by many Internet users and political observers who demonstrate a failed staging.

On the images released by the Russian organization, in connection with a statement by President Putin, we indeed discover a photo supposed to incriminate terrorists suspected of fomenting in connection with Ukraine: a mattress on which are placed Nazi t-shirts, a photo of Hitler, drugs and… Sims 3 games. For many commentators, the FSB would have fabricated this photo and would have confused the directive “place three SIM cards” with “place three Sims”.

Ukraine denies this plot which was to target a famous journalist close to the Kremlin. Propaganda or not, this is reminiscent of the many criticisms made of video games for decades. As a reminder, games like Counter-Strike or GTA have often been equated with deviance and acts of terrorism or massacre, especially in the USA. Fortunately, few seem convinced that the life simulator leads to Nazism.

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As a reminder, the series is still considered a banned “gay propaganda” tool in Russianotably the last episode The Sims 4 Marriage which celebrated same-sex marriages and which caused debate when it was released.

Source: www.lejdd.fr

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