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Sackboy returns in a new mobile title, video leaked


A leaked trailer shows a new game from the Sackboy license, but to play it, it will only be on phones. When will a return on PlayStation?

The Sackboy license will return soon, but unfortunately not on our consoles. Almost two years after the opus Sackboy: A Big Adventure released exclusively on PS4 and PS5, the little guy from Sumo Digital has just appeared, via a leak on the networks, in a title entitled “Ultimate Sackboy”.

Play as the iconic hero SACKBOY and compete in the legendary Ultimate Games, the most prestigious – and crazy – obstacle course tournament in all of Craftworld! Can you glide, dodge and weave your way through classic Sackboy enemies, outmaneuver your rivals and win great prizes, all while staying stylish?

A scrolling platformer and racing mobile game with gachas, created by Exientis already available on the Google Play platform for Android since last June, but its public download is not yet active. More than 100,000 people have already picked up the game, which seems to indicate that a beta is underway.

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According to the leaked trailer, the game is scheduled to run on iOS and Android. And will be visibly inspired very strongly by the music and sound effects of Fall Guys.

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