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Saints Row: Volition showcases the best boss designs


In two months, many bosses have been created in the Boss Factory. The American studio wanted to celebrate this in a video.

While the reboot of Saints Row is only expected on August 23 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox Onethe tool of character creation has been set for free available to players from June 9.

Title Boss Factorythis one allows to design in advance 6 models of boss which will be then automatically imported and thus available in the final game. It is also proposed to share his creations and download those of others.

Volition places particular emphasis on numerous possibilities offered by its tool, and it is true that this one allows you to have fun with it. You can play on the physical characteristics of your Saint, but also on his outfits, accessories and other body marks.

To celebrate the many creations that have already been created following the download of the Boss Factory by over a million playersthe studio wanted to mark the occasion by putting in image these in order to pay tribute to its fans.

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It is up to you to define the features of the face of your character in every detail, as well as his hairstyle and his hair body as facial. Is also proposed the visualization more or less pronounced of the veins. The type of skinlike its shade or its brightness are also left to your appreciation, as well as its morphology and other musculature. From prostheses are even possible.

It is the same for the clothing (shirts, jackets, shoes, socks, pants, skirts …), as well as many accessories (glasses, helmets, masks, hats, jewels…), without forgetting the underwearor their absence. The sexual parts are however blurred with the pattern of your choice, only the chest may not be hidden. And whether it is a man or a woman, you can apply the attributes of the other sex, as for its voice, and dress it with the clothes of any kind.

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Finally, as usual, we find the possibility of applying scars, make-up, tattoos, but also wrinkles, vitigo, or a type of tanning (like that of the trucker for example), including with sunburn. You can also play on the colors, the shine and the metallic aspectdepending on the items involved. And even more options should be available in the full game.

This allows you to let your imagination run wild and create characters going from the most eccentric to the most realistic. One finds in particular a lot of celebrities (Mickael Jackson, The Rock, Dr DisRespect, Donald Trump…), from characters of series (Walter White as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders…), the superheroes or super-villains classic (Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Joker…), as well as others taken from cartoons like Sammy or Vera from Scooby Doo, from movieslike Luke Skywalker, or even video games (Lara Croft, the various protagonists of Mario…) and mangas (Luffy from One Piece for example). The choice is wide.

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