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Samurai Maiden will propel you into the Sengoku period this winter


New production coming from Japan, Samurai Maiden chooses to send young and sexy high school girls to the 16th century to wield the katana.

Used to the genre, the Japanese studio SHADE (Bullet Girls Phantasia, Kandagawa Jet Girls, Gun Gun Pixies…) is about to deliver a new production, published by D3 Publisher, entitled Samurai Maiden and scheduled for this winter on PC, PS5, PS4 and Switch.

Young Japanese high school girl of the 21st centuryTsumugi Tamaori finds herself propelled to the Honno-ji in 1582during the Sengoku period. Is it for its swordsmanship skills that she finds herself in this Buddhist temple in Kyoto?

These will be in any case useful to her in this action-adventure RPG gamealongside his three new ninja friendsto go through the underground world of Honno-ji and face the hordes of enraged corpses and other demons that are there. And it is by embracing each other that they will be able to increase their skills tenfold.

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Note that we find the voice of Takaya Kuroda (Kazuma Kiryu in the Yakuza series) behind the unavoidable Oda Nobunaga of this period, as well as the light novels artist Miwano Rag with the drawing.

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