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Scarps Riders tumbles with its new trailer and dates


The independent game Scraps Riders has just presented its brand new gameplay trailer but also its release date.

Microids reveals the new trailer for Scraps Riders, revealing its all-pixel gameplay. This adventure game combines two styles as particular as they are appreciable: the Point’n Click and the Beat’em upall in one futuristic cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic universe à la Mad Max.

Designed by Spanish studio Games for Tuttithe software invites us to wear the role of Rast, a daredevil hoodlum, part of the Scraps Riders, the notorious gang of thugs and smugglers who roam the arid and dangerous lands. Endowed with a more than dubious sense of humor, we will have to interact with wacky individuals with hilarious dialogues in order to solve puzzles and mysteries. But if among our interlocutors our humor does not fly, we can always use our fists to get our answers.

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Elbow grease and bandages

Of course the law of the strongest is the one that prevails in its wild regionsand if kicking ass is part of our adventure, it will still be necessary use skill and reflection to defeat minions and bandits sent by mysterious corporations.

If you’re not afraid to take on big guys on a 16 bit retro musical backgroundbe aware that the output of Scrap Riders is provided in a dematerialized version September 21 on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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