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Sea of Stars RPG pushed back to 2023


The RPG Sea of Stars was planned to be released in 2022. However, due to a small delay, it will only be released in 2023. However, a demo could be released by then.

Announced in a concrete way for a release on PC then on Switch, Sea of Stars should also target other platforms. However, on this side, everything remains to be specified. However, the RPG was to be released on the two above-mentioned media at the end of this year 2022. This is no longer the case.

Sea of Stars delayed

Sea of Stars is indeed delayed. The studio brought the reasons for this through a tweet. And, there are two things to remember. The first, is that the development team wants to do everything possible to provide a quality copy. As for the other cause that necessitates further dilation of the production time lies in let’s say the studio’s desire to take care of the health of the individuals on the project and therefore not to overload them with work.

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But, even if Sea of Stars is now scheduled for 2023It could be that players can approach it before the end of the year with a demo. At least, this is the possibility that the Canadian studio, Sabotage.

As we get closer to a very big milestone, the road to launch becomes clearer, and we find ourselves here with great text and our logos at the bottom. With our two main priorities in mind – the quality of life of our team and the quality of the finished game – we can now confirm that Sea of Stars will be released in 2023.

We understand that it is hard to wait, and we would like to sincerely thank our community for their overwhelming support and positive vibes. In the meantime, we are looking into the possibilities of bringing a playable version to everyone this year.

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