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SEGA opens new studio run by former Phantasy Star


The Japanese group launched a new subsidiary in Japan last December, SEGA Sapporo Studio, which is already looking for several collaborators.

SEGA Sapporo Studio, that’s its name, is the company’s latest studio. The new branch has just been launched by the Japanese group, in Japan (in Sapporo, well done), last December and will serve as “Second development subsidiary” in the country, explains the company, which has launched an associated website. Indeed, the other studios are all located at the headquarters in Tokyo at present.

The main role of the studio is to be responsible for the development of titles related to the intellectual property of Sega and the debugging of the games.

[…] We will participate in the development of the entertainment that SEGA sends to the world. […] SEGA Sapporo will strive to provide customers with an emotional experience and create a studio that values ​​staff.

The former producer of Phantasy Star Online 2, Takaya Segawa, who was promoted to SEGA’s management team in April, is appointed CEO of SEGA Sapporo. The branch is already actively looking for new employees.

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Source: www.gameinformer.com

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