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Sega will announce a “new project” very soon


Sega launches the offensive and is about to lift the veil on some of its projects. To this end, the company gives us an appointment for a very soon event.

June is approaching and with it a whole lot of announcements are to be expected, especially with that infamous Summer Game Fest opening on next june 9. But, just before, two actors whose importance is no longer to be proven will certainly have some surprises to share with us. Thus, Sony will open the ball with its new State of Play on June 2 and Sega will follow in its footsteps, several hours later, with its conference.

Towards announcements of Remakes and Remasters?

A “new project” announces itself on the side of Sega. However, based on the team mobilized to give substance to the revelation, we have to believe that what will be brought to the fore will probably not be as new as it seems.

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As relayed by Gematsu, the user Twitter @Renka_schedule drew attention to the names of the presenters (Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Yosuke Okunari and Misuzu Araki) to remind that the latter were also present during the curtain raiser on the lineup of the Megadrive Mini. So, with the presence of these actors who have participated in retro projects, should we expect something similar and therefore the announcement of a new machine of the same ilk? Or, based on Sega’s previous statement, bringing one of its licenses up to date through a remake or remaster?

For the machine in question, nothing is less certain, SEGA is quite ambiguous on the subject:

You might get a sense of deja vu with the list of presenters, but look forward to the announcement

So console mini or not? As we are made to understand, there is no point in speculating, we will soon enough, either this June 3 (at 1 p.m. in our region). The stream will then be to follow on Youtube, Twitter or even Niconico.

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