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Sifu deploys its update 1.06, the bosses of levels 2 and 3 concerned


Sloclap developers are hard at work pampering their latest creation. A new update has just been deployed to bring its share of fixes.

Sifu definitely leaves no one indifferent, so much so that he unleashes passions. Between the speedrunners who pile up the records, the debates on the accessibility of the software and the level 2 which obviously gives a hard time or even a movie star who invites himself in the latest born from Sloclap, there is really something To do.

But for now it’s time to bring the soufflé back down by introducing yourself the 1.06 update which is already available on all the media concerned. Nothing new on the difficulty, but many small fixes to optimize the comfort of the experience and fix bugs that affect bosses 2 and 3.

Do not hesitate to consult our test to get an opinion on the beast.

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