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Sifu is making itself more accessible with a new update, but not only…


The acclaimed fighting game will soon get a few additions thanks to this brand new summer update.

On the occasion of Summer Game Fest 2022the French development studio Sloclap presented some news about their second creation: Sifu.

A bunch of gameplay modifiers for Sifu

Released on February 8, Sifu has managed to conquer and find a place in the list of games that have marked the start of the year and rightly so. Particularly demanding in terms of gameplay, Sifu assumes his roughness, thereby satisfying tryharders, but also wants to reach out to players less comfortable with this kind of difficulty. This next patch should therefore make all profiles happy.

From next Augustno specific date, a major update will include new gameplay modifiers able to make the game more permissive, or on the contrary, more difficult. It will thus be possible toincrease enemy attack speed (which will not help new players) or even to show indestructible golden weaponsmaking the task much easier this time for those who had put the game aside.

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The update will also offer new visual approaches with a zero gravity effect on the characters and the environment, or the addition of bullet time which will slow down certain actions, making these passages much more cinematic.

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