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Sifu: players fail to pass level 2


Sifu was not meant to be a walk in the park and a lot of players are already raging on level 2 of the game.

It’s not just journalists who struggle on Sifu. If the players were particularly mocking or even visceral (for the most extreme) towards our colleagues who had difficulty advancing in the game, it seems that they are frankly not doing better.

Sifu players stuck at level 2

Taking a closer look at the list of trophies on PlayStation and their completion, the site PushSquare noticed that many Sifu owners couldn’t complete the second level. A chapter already famous for its big spike in difficulty, which pushes players to use and abuse rogue-lite mechanics: start over, start over and start again until you get the right run. And yes, not everyone can finish the game in 40 minutes and not die like a PGM.

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More specifically, the game’s Prologue was completed by 97% of the players (logical since you can’t die), then the first level by 82% of them. A figure that plummets to 34% once you look at Sifu’s level 2 completion rate, an indicator that many people are simply getting demolished on the spot. If it can reassure them, only 6% of Sifu players have succeeded in defeating the final boss. Figures that are not higher on PC and Xbox.

Remember that several players and feedback from the press pointed to a difficulty deemed unbalanced. Rest assured, SoClap is already planning adjustments, including a future update to make Sifu more accessible.

Source: www.eurogamer.net

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