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Sifu: some tips to stay young


In order to reduce the frustration of players who could be put off by the challenge of the game, the developers provide their advice.

Before Sifu released the October 8 on PC, PS4 and PS5the marketing manager of Sloclap, Felix Garczynskiheld gave, on the Playstation Blog, two or three tips and tricks to get out of the game more easily.

It is true that if the title is successfulas we said in our test, it is far from easy, but it is at the same time where all its interest lies. However, it would be a shame to have to give up too quickly in the face of difficulty, so here is some advice.

Overall Progress Tips

  • defend yourself: Learn to master parry and dodge, two essential elements to last over time. Observe your opponents well and act at the right time. the respect of timings is paramount.
  • Explore: The levels are full of shortcuts, unlocking them will make it easier for you afterwards, so feel free to explore to find them. In case of defeat, you will then reach the boss more quickly. In the same way, exploration will allow you to discover hidden rooms and weapons which may prove very useful.
  • keep your cool: Even if you think you’ve aged too much and it’s lost, continue as far as possible to unlock the most skills and secret paths.

Boss fights

  • Start by observing: Do not rush headlong at the start and rather focus on defense (parrying, dodging) in order to take time to assimilate the patterns of the bosses and then adapt your actions to it with the right timing.
  • Counterattack: Boss attack cycles offer counterattack opportunities, often at the end of these. Spot them, defend yourself until they show up, and exploit them.
  • Don’t rely on brute force: What may be effective against normal enemies, such as crowd control, will not be effective on bosses. They are very strong against overly aggressive behaviorso use your wits instead of your brawn.

Fight groups

  • Don’t get surrounded: Opponents can be very numerous and, even without being very strong, prove to be deadly when they attack at the same time. You must therefore avoid being surrounded dodging and jumping over obstacles before it is too late.
  • Control the crowds: Crowd control techniques can thin out the enemy ranks a bit. So think about push back or overthrow your opponents like to use Items that you can throw at them to stun them and knock them out for a few seconds.
  • Choose your targets well: Start by taking care of the armed enemies. Not only are these particularly dangerous and will therefore greatly reduce the threat you have to deal with, but you will also be able to recover their weapons and thus become yourself more formidable. As for stronger enemies, those with silver or gold health barsseek to isolate them before confronting themr so as not to have too many things to manage at the same time.

Garczynski ends his post by announcing that the development team is working on the post-launch content and that free content updates will be announced soon. So stay tuned.

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Source: blog.playstation.com

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