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Silent Hill 2: Bloober Team speaks out on the rumor


While a rumor supposes him to be at the creation of the remake of Silent Hill 2, Bloober Team wanted to speak briefly about the thing during an interview.

Since the broadcast of what looks like leaks, Rumors around Konami’s famous license have resurfaced. More particularly, it is Silent Hill 2 which has been the target of rumors alleging a possible remake intended only for the PS5. Bloober Teamwho is credited with taking charge of the project, spoke in the columns ofIGN.

A clarification soon?

Through its CEO (Piotr Babieno), the Polish studio spoke about the rumor, saying it couldn’t comment on it. So, logically, no confirmation or denial has been issued. But, in this very refusal to deny this possible existence, is there not already a trace of affirmation? Well, we’ll find out soon enough. At last, “as soon as possible”as Babieno mentioned.

We cannot comment on what we do, as we value our relationship with our partners, of course. We therefore cannot [dire] anything. We will make an announcement about our future plans as soon as we can. Then you will know much more.

Nevertheless, the studio has explained the path it would like to take in the creation of its titles. First, it has been claimed that future titles will be more “gameplay focused” and not “walking simulator” like some so far. Then, in his projects which involve already existing licenses, like the still very mysterious one from Konami on which he is currently working, Bloober Team intends to bring his own vision of the thing and intends to leave his dough there. So, if Silent Hill 2 exists, we should certainly expect to see a reinterpretation appear.

I would say it is difficult to work with someone who [possède une propriété intellectuelle sur laquelle vous travaillez]but we are still discussing with these licensees, [en disant] “Guys, we would like to use your license, but we would like to tell our own story”. If we can’t tell our own story, if we won’t have creative freedom, it doesn’t make sense, because Bloober Team won’t make a great game. […] If you are in a prison, you will not be able to fly. This is why we try not to [faire] only titles that we believe will be a Bloober Team game, not someone else’s. So even on the project that we can’t talk about, it will still be a Bloober Team game.

Among Konami’s license, Bloober Team is currently working on two other titles: one is an original production, the other is in partnership with Private Division.

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Source: www.ign.com

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