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Silent Hill: the new film by Christophe Gans specifies its release


The next film Silent Hill is in preparation and its director gives us excellent news, as well as a little surprise.

Silent Hill is definitely everywhere. While a remake of Silent Hill 2 is rumored across the internet, a new film adaptation will soon bring the franchise back to the big screen.

Reboot or Silent Hill 3?

And it’s once again Christopher Gans who will move on to the realization of the projectthe very one who gave birth to the very honest, and above all very faithful, Silent Hill of 2006. The director spoke at the microphone of our colleagues from JV to talk about his projects.

We don’t know anything about the synopsis at this time, except thatit will be independent of the two previous films of the license and thathe will have a much more current story. Moreover, according to the director, this new Silent Hill should see the light of day by 2023 at an undetermined date.

I worked on a new Silent Hill which is a Silent Hill 2023 because the film will be released next year, 2023, and not a Silent Hill as I had imagined in 2006. It is a Silent Hill for the public of today while showing the greatest respect to the saga. I am aware that Silent Hill is a very big video game franchise and a work of art in the noble sense of the word.

Project Zero movie confirmed?

And the director does not stop there since he is also working on a Project Zero film in collaboration with Koei Tecmo. Here too the script is finished and the film should be released after Silent Hill, around 2024/2025.

What interests me is to reach a point of balance between video games and cinema. I’m not saying that I succeeded completely with the first part of Silent Hill, but the film was rather well received by the fans. However, these are relatively demanding. I think they understood that the film had been made by a gamer, but above all that I was trying to find the point of convergence between cinematographic and video game languages. That’s how I worked on the script for the new Silent Hill, but also for Fatal Frame, Project Zero for us Europeans. That would be the next movie. By the way, the script is ready. Over the two years of Covid, there was a year of writing for Silent Hill and another for Fatal Frame. In both cases, I wrote under the supervision of the Konami and Tecmo teams.

Horror fans will be in heaven.

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