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Skate 4 finally shows gameplay… or almost


Fruit of many rumors, Skate 4 has just seen its gameplay leaked on the web. Too bad, it’s in pre-alpha version.

While we recently brought you new rumors around Skate 4, the game is coming back to the fore and leaking a preview of its pre-alpha version.

In search of the best skateboard

At the time, Tom Henderson argued that, according to his sources, the game was well advanced, while Jeff Grubb had given information that said rather that the software was still looking for itself. Today, if we are to believe the leaks that have appeared on the web, we would rather tend to lean towards Mr. Grubb since we see there a Skate 4 in the middle of a pre-alpha test session in search of the best possible sensations.

However, it is also very likely that this is only a preview intentionally modified for development purposes, or a bit old sequence. Nothing allows us to know if this is the current progress of the software or not..

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Whatever, Skate 4 is on its way and should be able to officially show up shortly. Hoping it doesn’t take too long, skate games are so rare…

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