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Skate 4 should be revealed very soon


If on the one hand, Activision had to review its plans, EA seems ready to unveil its Skate 4. At least that’s what some sources say.

Earlier today skateboard fans were surely disappointed to hear the bad news about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3+4. However, they will be able to console themselves with some news, although it is still only rumors, from the future. skate 4.

When images of Skate 4 leaked on the Web, we could then see a game at the beginning of its development. Thinking that these were recent shots, many may have thought that the state of the title was not very advanced. However, it would seem that this is not the case, and that what had been shown must have been several months old. Which would therefore confirm what has already been said about the progression of the game, and that Skate 4 would be approaching the end of its development.

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A revelation in July

Indeed, if we are to believe Tom Henderson and his article, Electronic Arts will reveal its skate 4 during the month of July. In any case, this is what his sources would have confirmed to him. And, it could even be that the game can be approached by a certain audience of insiders, like journalists or content creators.

If so, we might expect to see a release date as well, if not a release window. Which is very likely, because, as Henderson reminds us, EA expects by the end of its fiscal year, i.e. March 2023, the publication of four of his creations. And, among them, would be a big license, which should most likely be this Skate.

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