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Skate 4: the game is already available in cracked version, but EA is watching


We won’t tell you where or how to get it, but know that a build of Skate 4 is currently out there, and EA is ready to strike back.

Currently in development, Skate 4 is one of EA’s most anticipated games (yes, yes), so much so that some smart guys who participated in the playtests have cracked and leaked a playable version of the game on the net.

Skate 4 is already in the wild, but don’t touch it!

Obviously, this is a pre-alpha build from September 2021, not representative of the final game and, above all, normally under embargo;
Although very happy with the attention that players have for its software, EA reminds however that it is perfectly illegal to download this version of the game and that this would be a violation of the user agreement and may result in the suspension, or even deletion, of your accounts, games and EA services.

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If you want to test the software in preview by participating in the various playtests, in a perfectly legal way, you can go to this address to register for the Insider program, otherwise you will have to wait.

Skate 4 has not yet been fully revealed and the game currently has no release date. Information is thin, but we do know that the game will offer several game modes, some of which will allow players to join several dozen skaters on open maps. In addition, a skatepark creation mode would also be part of the game and also playable in multiplayerAt least, this is what some feedbacks from players who participated in playtests suggest. For the rest, we’ll have to wait.
However, the game should give more during the next live dedicated to it scheduled for July 14 at 6 pm.

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