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Skull & Bones: Gameplay leaked online


Expected for ages, Skulls & Bones has leaked a video presentation explaining the basics of its gameplay.

Announced in 2017, Skull & Bones is a multiplayer game where players can indulge in the joys of piracy and happily put themselves on the face with great cannonballs. Still without a release date, even if Ubisoft aims to make it public before the end of March 2023, the software has given very little news since its announcement, until today.

Land in sight captain! Well I think

Currently in the testing phase, Skull & Bones leaked a video of a few minutes, taking up the basics of its gameplay. We learn there that the game will set its scene in an archipelago inspired by the Indian Ocean. The software will have a HUB where it will be possible to collect contracts, craft equipment and boats, as well as meet other players around a grog.

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Players’ goal will be to become the greatest of pirates and to increase his reputation by gleaning many treasures and looting enemy ships. It will be possible to customize your ship according to his desires, just like our avatar.

Skull & Bones will feature a lot of exploration allowing in particular to collect many resources, as well asa PvPvE dimension that will be at the heart of the experience, since to become a good pirate, you must above all surpass the competition, whether by arriving first on a booty or more simply by annihilating all opponents. Note thathowever, it will be possible to cooperate with friends.

Skull & Bones is therefore expected between next month and March 2023certainly on PS5, Xbox Series, PC and maybe even still on PS4 and Xbox One as originally announced. But insofar as the information is as old as the formalization of the game, we can only assume while waiting to finally have the heart net. In the meantime, you can register on the official website to get news and even be able to access test sessions.

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