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Skull & Bones gives reassuring news and aims for 2022 or 2023


Ubisoft’s game, several times postponed and often announced in agony, should be released during this fiscal year according to the publisher, which announces great progress and a multiplayer orientation.

With Skull & Bones, the simple fact of announcing that the game still exists is already progress in itself. But the CFO of Ubisoft goes even further, which is therefore very surprising: the game is “going well”. The last time we talked about him (the game, not Frédérick Duguet eh), it was to talk about the departure of the deputy director of the game.

Several times postponedthe project seemed to have stalled for a few years and had announced release for fiscal year 2022. A confirmed calendar, which therefore brings the piracy title to land in the calendar which begins next April and ends in March 2023.

In an interview with VGC, Mr. Duguet announces teams focus on multiplayer currently, thus confirming its desire already mentioned in the past to become a service game à la Sea of ​​Thieves (to stay in maritime time).

It’s a very promising new license that focuses on multiplayer first, so very consistent with our strategy to bring multiplayer competition and co-op first in a large open world, with great engaging fantasy.

The single player mode, which was to be the basis of the game when it was created in 2013, seems to have been definitively replaced by a more competitive and collaborative aspect. The game is progressing well that said, and the CFO gives reassuring news:

It’s of course a very long development time we’ve had on this game, but we’re very happy with the art direction and progress of the game so far.

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