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Skull & Bones: the “violent FPS” will show gameplay in a few days


Skulls & Bones is back with a piece of information that can only satisfy the waiting gamers: it will reveal itself again in a few days.

Over the last few months, Ubisoft’s piracy game has shown itself on various occasions, through unofficial channels to say the least. Thus, we could see it appear on the pages of the Korean and Brazilian classification agencies as well as the ESRB, where the title let us discover the themes, which could not be more mature, that it will propose. And now it is about to do more.

Skull & Bones: the new presentation is coming

Tom Henderson drew attention a short time ago to an upcoming presentation scheduled for this July. He was right. Ubisoft has indeed just confirmed the appointment. The French publisher invites us to wait a few more days before seeing more about its Skull & Bones. And for good reason, the title will show itself July 7th at 8pm on Youtube and Twitch. Some gameplay, a sequence reserved for developers and “lots of surprises” are expected.

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This will be, most likely, the opportunity to finally know the release date of a game that was announced a little while ago now (the E3 2017). Well, normally, we already know it, because, if what has been said previously is correct, Ubisoft should confirm the release of its creation for November 8, 2022.

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