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Slandered, Kojima reacts and considers the appropriate measures


Having had the misfortune to be accused of the assassination of Shinzo Abe, Kojima has now sent a tweet to express his views on this unfortunate case.

Yesterday, July 08, 2022, the famous father of Metal Gear Solid had the very bad surprise to be accused of the murder of the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

And Kojima became public enemy number 1

Originally, it all started with a troll that was circulating on 4chan. And it didn’t take long for this very bad joke to turn into fake news, spreading here and there. This was the case in Greece where the now famous accusing photo served the needs of a TV news.

But, the false information did not stop at this only place of the world. Here also, in our dear France, we had right to it with notably the intervention of an individual of the extreme right. In a message now deleted, but which had time to make its way, the politician of Reconquest Damien Rieu had indeed the idea of genius to make recuperation and thus to serve his small crusade against, I quote, the “extreme left”. This will not have escaped you.

Kojima Production reacts

Some 24 hours afterthe person concerned was therefore obliged to intervene in the matter. Well, he did not do it in a direct way. It is rather with a tweet posted on the account of his company, Kojima Productionsthat he condemned the use of fake news and announced his intention to resort to justice in certain cases.

KojimaProductions strongly condemns the spread of fake news and rumors that convey false information. We do not tolerate such slander and will consider taking legal action in some cases.

So how will this case turn out? We’ll see.

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