Home News Sly Cooper 5: A reveal in 2022 seems to be confirmed

Sly Cooper 5: A reveal in 2022 seems to be confirmed


The raccoon burglar should indeed come back with a new opus and would show up later this year.

The one we now call Sly Cooper 5, although it is not known if this potential opus will be a sequel or a remake, is the subject of several rumors. The return of the license had been whispered a few days ago, and now new hallway noises are adding a layer.

Sly Cooper return confirmed for 2022?

All his info comes, once again, from AccountNGT, the same one who had unveiled the postponement of Forspoken before the latter was formalized. The insider came once again via his Twitter account to reaffirm to us that Sly Cooper will show up well this year, by the second half of 2022 more precisely.

The revelation would therefore dodge the famous State of Play which is supposed to arrive in March, according to the latest rumors there too.

That’s a lot of things to take with a grain of salt, between the State of Play from Playstation, the return of Infamous and again Sly Cooper 5, but everything also seems to be coming to fruition little by little, like the postponement of Forspoken for example. We keep gloves, but we stay tuned all the same, you never know.

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