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Solar Ash dates its arrival on Xbox and Steam


After being released on PlayStation and the Epic Games Store, Annapurna’s game will arrive at the end of the year on Microsoft’s consoles and Steam.

At its showcase of July 28Annapurna Interactive transmitted various news. Thus, we could learn about a future PS5 and Xbox Series port for the much appreciated Outer Wilds or attend a new preview, more focused on the gameplay, of its survival horror named The Lost Wild. And, among that, a small moment was reserved for the game originally released in 2021: Solar Ash.

Solar Ash back at the end of the year

Released in December 2021 on PlayStation and Epic Games StoreSolar Ash is indeed preparing to join new platforms. However, its return will not be effective until the end of the year 2022.

But if the SF game, with its colourful scenery and oversized creatures, will arrive first on December 6 on Steam – that is to say a little more than a year after its first release -, we will wait a little more to know the day of its exact arrival on Xbox machines. For the moment, it is only planned to be released this winter. And when it does show up, the title developed by Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter) will also be offered to subscribers Game Pass.

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Taking advantage of this new announcement, we put back at your disposal a trailer published last year, just to have a glimpse on the game (if, of course, the title passed you unnoticed):

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