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Sonic Frontiers now shows combat in a new sequence


Two days after revealing himself, Sonic has no plans to leave yet. He therefore returns quite logically to, this time, expose his combat phases.

The blue hedgehog reminds us: this month of June is Sonic Frontiers month. And IGN, which is in charge of media coverage, will therefore regularly bring us new elements on the game. For the moment, it is a gameplay video that has appeared, thus exposing the universe of this new opus. It is now followed by a brand new now focused on combat.

So, Sonic are you convincing your audience?

The previous video, which let us discover the new open world experience of this Bordersdivided. Whether on a technical level, on the content, the speed of our old friend… the new Sega title has disappointed. And, it’s most likely not the new video that will make you say otherwise. There is even a good chance that the combat phases presented will add additional arguments to the criticisms made previously. But maybe… We’ll let you take a look:

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Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for the end of 2022 on PS5, PS4Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The date has still not been released.

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