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Sonic Frontiers: release date leaked before Gamescom


While the blue hedgehog is due to make his big comeback at Gamescom, it seems that the expected revelations are already leaking on the web.

If so far, we know that Sonic Frontiers will arrive at the end of the year, we still do not know its official release date. We were waiting for the Gamescom to reveal more about it, except thata Taiwanese retailer has obviously already leaked the info.

Sonic is even faster than the official announcements

An online sales site has indeed just let filter a release date for a whole bunch of goodies, strongly resembling a kind of collector’s edition. However, since our Taiwanese is a bit rusty, we will simply report the date written on it.

According to this information then, Sonic Frontiers could be released as early as November 15, 2022a date that fits rather well with the previous rumors and other announcements from Sega. The blue mascot should in any case certify us all that from the launch of the Gamescom which will begin on August 23.
Let us note moreover that the Taiwanese site also mentions the presence of DLC (bonus or DLC to come) and that Sonic will obviously not be alone in his adventure since an illustration also highlights other heroes of the saga like Kunckles, Tails or Amy. We’ll know in a few days.

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