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Sonic Frontiers: the release date has definitely leaked


As the gamescom is approaching, the date of Sonic Frontier seems to have definitely leaked through a video that is now no longer accessible.

While it is more than certain that the show of this August 23organized on the occasion of of the gamescom 2022It seems that it is not really necessary to wait anymore. A video, more than credible, has indeed revealed the release date of this new Sonic Frontiers.

November confirmed

Not long ago, Sonic Frontiers was in the news with a rumored release date. November 15th was then advanced. However, it seems that this is not totally accurate, because, if it is indeed aimed at this same month, the new Sega title should normally be released on November 8 next. This would place it just in front of the Sony behemoth: God of War Ragnarok.

An information that seems more than certain if we rely on its source. A few hours ago, a Japanese advertisement, which contained the famous revelation, was inadvertently broadcast on Youtube. Immediately afterwards, it was removed from public view by becoming private. And there is a good chance that it will resurface once the conference of this August 23 orchestrated by Geoff Keighley is broadcast on the Web.

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