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Sonic Origins reveals itself completely before its release


A few days before its release, now, Sonic Origins passes the second and takes stock of its novelties: game modes, challenges, etc.

Expected for June 23 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, Sonic Origins will compile most of the original games adding a whole bunch of extra features.

Sega’s hedgehog in great shape ahead of Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Origins will therefore combine Sonic 1, 2, 3 and CD on a single disc. It will thus be possible to play it in Anniversary mode, which brings a new 16:9 display and gameplay improvements like unlimited lives or Classic mode to relive the adventures of the blue hedgehog like back in the day. There will also be a story mode. and will combine all four games into a single adventure.

Additional modes acting as challenges will also be included in the compilation, such as the Mirror mode, to do the levels upside down, the Boss rush, which asks you to chain boss fights or the Missions mode which will offer specific challenges at each of the games. Icing on the cake, collectibles can be collected to fill a museum where you can admire artwork and other bonuses of the genre.

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Sonic Origins therefore promises to be the perfect snack to wait for Sonic Frontiers scheduled for later in the year.

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