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Sonic: SEGA schedules a concert with Steve Aoki


Time runs in great strides as we age, year after year, until we reach the expiration date. Time flies… but not for him: Sonic is still as dashing as ever.

Popular as ever, Sonic will once again celebrate his 30th birthday with a virtual concert on November 30.

The celebrations continue for the blue hedgehog, who has already seen several tributes paid to him this year in various forms. It’s that 30 years of existence is not nothing. They must be celebrated in accordance with the rules. This is what Monster Hunter Rise will strive to do, this November 26, with a special event.

But that’s not all. November will end with a nice musical touch. On this 30th day, SEGA will organize a virtual concert dedicated to its mascot. DJ and producer Steve Aoki, who will be celebrating his birthday at the same time, will be tasked with directing it. He will try, whether with his original compositions or with well-known (but remixed) sounds, to satisfy the fans that you are. And so that the immersion is perfect, different sets reminiscent of the most mythical places of the series (Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant …) will parade before your eyes.

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In short, everything will come together for you to pass, this November 30 at 9 p.m., a good time behind your screen. The event will be to follow on Twitch and Youtube. In the meantime, you can take a look behind the scenes of the upcoming performance:

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