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Sons of The Forest opens its Steam page and gives us some info


The horror survival game still doesn’t have a specific date, but it’s revealing some new details thanks to its Steam page.

Sequel to the excellent The Forest, Sons of The Forest intends to set the bar even higher in particular by offering new game mechanics. A title announced as ambitious by its developers who even had to postpone the release date.

A real The Forest 2

However, that does not prevent the software from starting to find a place on the famous Valve platform. Sons of The Forest has just opened its Steam page, the opportunity for us to find some details on what the game will have to offer us when it is released.

Sons of The Forest is therefore intended to be a direct sequel to The Forest (at least in terms of game mechanics) and will focus its experience on pure survival and lots of horror. It will therefore be necessary feed, craft your equipment and your own camp to hope to survive against mutants and a horde of cannibals.

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In addition to dynamic weather and the day/night cycle still relevant, the software will also have the right to a seasonal system impacting our survival. For example, it will be mandatory to stock up on food before winter since the latter will be rather harsh and will make resources (harvesting, hunting, fishing) much more difficult to obtain.

A cooperative mode will also be part of the launchwhere we had to wait for an update for the first opus, but for the moment there is no mention of any VR modebut this one should definitely come later if the demand from the community is strong.

Sons of The Forest is scheduled for release next October.without a specific date, and should be available on PS5, Xbox Series and pc.

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