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Sony announces Horizon Call of the Mountain, exclusively on PSVR 2


2022 is off to a good start for Sony, after the announcement of the PSVR 2, its virtual reality headset, the manufacturer continues by unveiling a brand new Horizon game, specially designed for this new equipment.

Thanks to a quick presentation trailer, Jan-Bart Van Beek, artistic director and designer of Horizon, explains to us thatHorizon Call of the Mountain will serve as a technical showcase for the PSVR 2, Sony’s new virtual reality headset. The manufacturer’s ambition is indeed to pushing all the limits when it comes to VR, whether graphic or technical.

From further information are available on the Playstation Blog, Sony explains that it will be a unique experience, which will offer a total immersion in the world of Horizon. This time it’s not Aloy that we will play, even if we will have the opportunity to meet her in the game. an unprecedented protagonist which will make its appearance, the latter will be presented soon by Sony, who does not want to reveal his cards too quickly.

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No release date has been mentioned, just like for the PSVR 2. Sony advises us to take our troubles patiently and watch the trailer.

Source: blog.playstation.com

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