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Sony buys developer Savage Game Studios and announces AAA game


The small studio based in Finland and Germany enters the big league, and allows Sony to open a division dedicated to mobile games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to shop around, but the new studio to be part of PlayStation Studios has not been mentioned in recent rumors. After getting its hands on Haven, Jade Raymond’s company, Savage Game Studios is the name of the 21st little protégé of SIE.

A new mobile division for Sony

Founded in 2020 in Helsinki, Finland, SGS is a specialist in mobile gaming. Sony is thus expanding its influence in this highly successful business, and is integrating the company into its new dedicated divisionwhich will operate independently of the console development department. First step of this expansion on the territory of phones and tablets: Savage Game already working on an undisclosed AAA action game.

Michail KatkoffCEO and co-founder of the studio, said the acquisition “is because we believe that the management of PlayStation Studios, in addition to respecting our way of operating and our vision of success, shares our taste for innovation. Sony once again reminds us that this mobile orientation does not put in doubt the other wishes of the studio, including its development on PC. “This new division will focus on creating innovative mobile experiences based on current and future PlayStation franchises,” says Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios.

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