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Sony is expanding to mobile and PC, but what about single player games on PS5?


On the occasion of the announcement of the acquisition of a new studio, Sony sought to reassure its fans by talking about single player games, PS5 and PSVR 2.

This is the latest news, Sony has just acquired Savage Games Studio for expand its mobile gaming proposition. An extremely juicy and constantly growing market, on which players in the sector no longer hesitate to deploy massively, despite a few scandals such as the recent Diablo Immortal by Blizzard.
And even if Sony feels somewhat overwhelmed by the colossus Microsoft, its Game Pass and its very likely acquisition of Activision, it is keeping its head high and is also looking to expand.

On PC, console, mobile and VR, Sony is everywhere

For some time now, you will have noticed, Sony is operating a much more aggressive strategy than usual and is dynamically expanding its offer on all fronts at the same time.
Recently, the Japanese giant overhauled its Playstation Plus service, which is now designed to go toe-to-toe with Xbox Game Pass, and the manufacturer is also betting big on strategic buyouts (such as Bungie) as it seeks to establish itself in the game-services market.

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It’s also expanding to PC, as we now have the right to ports of major titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man or soon The Last of Us Part 1, and now it’s the mobile branch to develop, a game is already announced. A news that will certainly not please everyone, especially since Sony is currently in the line of fire since the announcement of the price change of its PS5. But the manufacturer has thought of its community and has a little word for it.

Sony does not forget where it comes from

Single player narrative games are, for many, the essence of the brandand fans are unyielding on the subject: without this know-how, there would be no Sony.
And the Japanese firm is well aware of this, sinceit (re)affirms that the plans for single-player games have not changed despite the recent events. On the occasion of this new acquisition, Sony wished to reassure its fans and therefore issued a statement stating in black and white thatit would continue to produce single player narrative games and thathe did not intend to lose this passion for the genre.

We’ve said it before when we were planning to release some games on PC, and we’ll say it again today: our activities beyond the console world do not diminish our dedication to the PlayStation community or our passion for creating great single-player storytelling experiences.

So fear not, Sony does not intend to change its approach, it is simply evolving. An evolution sometimes frowned upon by a fringe of the community, but certainly vital for the manufacturer who admits that his direct opponent, Microsoft, has a few strokes ahead on some facets of the current market, especially in terms of online services.
Sony has not said its last word and is even getting ready to pull out some very big guns like The Last of Us Part 1 on September 2God of War Ragnarok November 9or the PSVR 2 in early 2023 with several AAA games already announced.

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