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Sony: PS5 “Pro” controllers, headsets and screens made official? A stream is dated


Sony has just given us an appointment to reveal a whole new range of peripherals and accessories. Are the rumors being confirmed?

Not long ago, we brought you a slew of rumors about new PS5 so-called “Pro” controllers, several new PS5 and PC headsets, as well asa range of Sony branded gaming screens and optimized for the latest PlayStation. And it looks like Sony does indeed have something to show us.

Soon gaming peripherals for Sony?

The firm will therefore hold a livestream on June 28 at 11 p.m.. This “Sony Showcase of New Products” should tell us more about Sony’s new strategy for gaming gear, and thewe should have a preview of the new INZONE rangeas shared by Tom Henderson and 91Mobiles not long ago.

If this is not the first time that Sony has tried the adventure of gaming hardware, it may well be that the manufacturer decides to move up a gear by offering several new peripherals for players. The company could quite capitalize on its brand, and even offer proprietary and exclusive technologies for its PS5much like Microsoft with some of its accessories. See you in less than a week to see what’s going on.

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