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Sony quietly withdraws Gran Turismo 7 from the Russian market


Several video game studios hit Russia on the economic ground in support with the Ukrainian people. For its part, Sony seems to want to deprive the Russians of GT7.

It is unclear whether this is a response to requests from the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and the actions of many organizers from the world of esports or video game studios, but Sony has sanctioned Russia on the digital field. Quietly, the PlayStation Store has indeed blocked sales of the new Gran Turismo 7 on the Russian version of the store.

Discovered by Eurogamer tonight, a mention now shows that the release date is “waiting for confirmation”. The maneuver has not yet been officially announced or commented on by the company.

As a reminder, among the main measures taken by the world of video games against the Russian army and its conflict in Ukrainewe can note the funds released by Wargaming or Embracer for humanitarian aid, the withdrawal of Russia from FIFA games or even the suspension of sales of CD Projekt.

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