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Sony really in the process of buying FromSoftware? News @VGR


According to an analyst, Sony is preparing to acquire FromSoftware. And if this information is confirmed, it is still a big name that would swell the ranks of PlayStation Studios.

At the beginning of the year, we learned that Microsoft wanted to buy Activision Blizzard for the trifle of 68.7 billion dollars. Although the case is not yet concluded, this possible acquisition has set fire to the powder. War is declared between the two behemoths who embarked on a race to the one who would have the biggest catalog.

If the American multinational struck first and with a huge blowhis opponent did not hesitate to respond by buying the Bungie studio for 3.6 billion dollars two weeks later.

In effect, Microsoft and Sony threw themselves into battle, heightening their desire to recover as many studios as possible in order to play on exclusives. And this time, according to an analyst, CEO of a consulting firm, the Japanese company would have the firm intention of treat yourself to the FromSoftware development studio which is currently at its zenith thanks to the success of its latest game: Elden Ring, which is still monopolizing sales even several weeks after its launch.

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Indeed, if the rumor evoking this possible takeover by sony was more like a bad April Fool’s joke, it is clear that people believe in it hard as iron. As proof of this, the report published by this analyst, Dr. Serkan Totoalso CEO of the Tokyo-based gaming industry consultancy, Kantan Games. Who says From Software would be the perfect M&A (merger and acquisition) candidate for Sony.

He continues his own revelations by giving us an overview of the company’s history, which dates back to 1986, when it started as a B2B software developer until this crazy announcement.

If this information is confirmed, sony would obviously deal a great blow to the industry by attracting to its ranks a big name that would not make a mark among PlayStation Studios. However, this statement by Dr. Serkan is for the moment more of a fantasy that only asks to be answered, rather than a rumor close to materializing.

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