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Sony schedules three livestreams dedicated to three upcoming releases


Sony has scheduled three new “Play!Play!Play!” devoted to titles soon to be released. The first will take place on February 19.

Inaugurated with the last installment of the Resident Evil franchise, the conference “Play! Play! Play!” held again October 2021 to introduce Dragon Quest X Offline. At that time, the game was still due out in February. But, given the postponement that affected it, it will not appear at the Japan only in summer 2022.

First Babylon’s Fall…

As regards the emissions which will emit soon on Youtube, sony first plans to give time to a game that will appear next March 3: Babylon’s Fall, whose demo will soon be available on consoles (PS5 and PS4).

This first program will take place February 19. And, in addition to PlatinumGames’ game, the all-new Horizon Forbidden West will also get a little attention.

…Then Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin…

A few days later, February 26, aloy will return to the front of the stage for its promotion operation. She will then keep company with what will undoubtedly be the big chunk of the broadcast. It will be action-RPGStranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, slated for release on March 17.

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…And finally, make way for Shinji Mikami

Almost a month will have passed when Sony will hold a new “Play!Play!Play!” intended for the title of Tango Gameworks (studio led by Shinji Mikami). It will be March 19, 2022i.e. a few days before the availability (March 25) of this Ghostwire: Tokyo – a title which, as our preview mentions, still remains very mysterious.

Gran Turismo 7, then released, will also be there.

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