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Sony would prepare new headsets and gaming screens for PS5 and PC


Sony intends to expand its gaming hardware offering and should soon announce three new headsets and two screens specially designed for the PS5 and the PC.

Not content with regularly leaking information on everything that happens in the video game industry, Tom Henderson now gives us information on the Japanese firm’s gaming hardware, data that has also been shared by the 91Mobiles site (which also offers us some visuals on the helmets).

Three new PS5 optimized headsets

According to the sources cited above, Sony is said to be preparing no less than three new headsets and two monitors entirely devoted to video games on PS5 and PC. These new peripherals would be part of Sony’s new INZONE range aimed at establishing itself comfortably in the gaming market.

The helmets would thus cover 3 price rangesalthough the prices are not yet known, and would offer different performance, but all would be optimized for the PS5.


  • Entry level
  • 360° spatial sound
  • Wired headset
  • USB-C connection


  • Midrange
  • Wireless Headset
  • Good battery life
  • USB dongle
  • LEDs


  • Premium range
  • Wireless Headset
  • 360° spatial sound
  • Anti noise
  • USB dongle
  • LEDs

Two 4K and 1080p gaming displays

Gaming monitors, on the other hand, come in two different flavors. The first would therefore offer a 4K 144Hz panel and HDR600 and the second would opt for Full HD 1080p 240Hz with a HDR400 support.

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Henderson tells us that both screens will have low latency (1ms) and would also support VRR. They should also be equipped with the gaming options that are often found in the competition, such as image modes, a viewfinder, etc.

According to Henderson’s sources, Sony should formalize all this in the coming daysand should at the same time tell us about its famous Dualsense “Pro” controller.

Obviously, as long as nothing is formalized, we will advise you to take the information with tweezers.

Source: exputer.com, www.91mobiles.com

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