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Sony’s Bungie Takeover Under FTC Review


Not jealous! After Microsoft-ABK, the federal anti-monopoly commission decided to open an investigation into the takeover of Bungie by Sony, proof of a certain mistrust of the authorities with regard to this deal.

While Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is already in the process of dissecting the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft, the American government agency will look into the other big takeover at the start of 2022, Bungie by Sony.

As we explained in February, the handling of such a case by the FTC and not the Department of Justice means that there is a risk of monopoly and that companies, no doubt armed with lawyers for this, will have to convince to hope to finalize the deal of 3.6 billion dollars.

The FTC therefore opened a official investigation and reminds The Informationif it does not have executive power to block a contract (for example, it opposed the takeover of ARM by Nvidia in 2021), it can launch legal action and an administrative lawsuit. That of Nvidia is also scheduled for August 9. This does not prevent Sony from looking for its next acquisition.

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Source: www.theinformation.com

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